Get 1 month of Sky on us Offer T&Cs

  • This offer is only available to new Sky Box customers and ends 31 January 2022.
  • You need to sign up to our base package Sky Starter for a minimum term of 12 months.
  • Early termination charges apply, see details here.
  • This offer includes one month on us for Sky Starter and any of the following Sky packages: Sky Sport, Sky Entertainment, Sky Movies, SoHo, Rialto Channel, Sky Arts, Country TV, The Filipino Channel, Star Gold, Colors, Star Plus Hindi, Sky Digital Music, My Sky, My Sky+, Multiroom - Sky Box, Multiroom - My Sky, and Multiroom - My Sky+.
  • After the promotional period ends, the following standard charges will apply: Sky Starter is $25.99/month, Sky Sport is $34.99/month, Sky Entertainment is $25.50/month, Sky Movies is $20.93/month, Soho is $9.99/month, Rialto Channel is $11.18/month, Sky Arts is $13.05/month, Country TV is $18.40/month, The Filipino Channel is $14.99/month, Star Gold is $9.99/month, Colors is $9.99/month, Star Plus Hindi is $9.99/month, Sky Digital Music is $3.16/month, My Sky is $15/month, My Sky+ is $20/month, Multiroom - Sky Box is $25/month, Multiroom - My Sky is $40/month, Multiroom - My Sky+ is $45/month.

  • This offer excludes any Sky Box Office and Sky Arena pay-per-view content.
  • Should you wish to change your Sky package at any time you will need to call 0800 759 759 and speak to one of our friendly Sky crew.
  • Monthly Sky subscription payable in advance.
  • If your installation is not standard, then a fee may be payable. Where equipment requires professional installation, we will arrange for an installer to install the equipment at an additional charge.

Get SoHo on us Offer T&Cs

  • If you subscribe to Sky Starter, Sky Entertainment and Sky Sport and/or Sky Movies you’ll get SoHo on us at no extra cost. If you downgrade your subscription so that you have the Sky Starter package but no longer subscribe to both: (1) Sky Entertainment, and (2) Sky Movies and/or Sky Sport, you will need to start paying for SoHo at $9.99 per month.