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Remote Record


  1. Applicability:  The following terms and conditions (as well as the Terms of Use and Sky’s Privacy Policy) apply to your use of Sky’s remote record service (the “Remote Record Service”).  If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, the Terms of Use or Sky’s Privacy Policy, do not use the Remote Record Service.
  2. The Service: The Remote Record Service is a free service that allows you to make requests to remotely record programmes on your My Sky or My Sky HDi set-top box (“Set-Top Box”). By clicking on the “R” button in the [TV Guide] , you can send a request to your Set-Top Box to record a programme of your choice (provided that you subscribe to that programme).  If your request is successful (this is not guaranteed – see clauses 3 and 4 below) the recording will appear in the planner in the menu of your Set-Top Box.
  3. Requirements:  The Remote Record Service is not available to everyone.  To use the Remote Record Service you must:  
    1. be the account holder of a My Sky or My Sky HDi account;
    2. be registered for a website account;
    3. provide the smart card identification number of your Set-Top Box;
    4. provide your date of birth (as held by Sky), your user name and password at the time of booking;
    5. have Flash version 9 or later installed on your computer; and
    6. provide any other information required by Sky from time to time.
  4. Limitations: Sky does not guarantee that the Remote Record Service will always be available, or that a request made via this service will be successful, because:
    1. capacity, priority and recording restrictions operate on the Set-Top Boxes and this may affect your use of the Remote Record Service. See the user guide for you Set-Top Box for more details;
    2. the Remote Record Service may not operate on Apple Mac, Linux-based or non-Microsoft Windows computers;
    3. you may not subscribe to the programme you wish to record;
    4. you do not make the booking within the required time limit before the programme;
    5. technical or other external factors may cause problems, including adverse weather or atmospheric conditions, incorrect dish alignment, satellite issues (including capacity restraints), problems with the website, the volume of subscribers using the service or issues with the Set-Top Box.
  5. Liability: Without limiting clause 5 of the Terms of Use, Sky does not accept any liability for unavailability of the Remote Record Service or failed recording requests made using this service.
  6. Confirmation: Because requests are sent via satellite, Sky cannot provide you with any information about your request and whether or not it has been received. The only way to confirm your recording is by checking it in your Set-Top Box. The Sky website cannot provide information about any recording not made via this service (for example, bookings made directly onto the Set-Top Box).
  7. Cancellation: Sky reserves the right to cancel or suspend the Remote Record Service at any time, or to transfer the provision of this service to any company, firm or person without notification to you.