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Section Zero

Season begins 14 April 8.30pm Channel 039

A dark, edgy and violent political, sci-fi thriller from Cesar-nominated writer and director, Olivier Marchal. Set in the near future, multi-national corporations are Europe's new leaders. One of the most powerful wishes to further secure their growing dominance by replacing the police force with their own private militias.


Saturday 29 April 8.30pm Channel 039

London 1975. High Rise is the unnerving tale of life in a modern tower block running out of control. Within the concealing walls of an elegant forty-storey tower block, the affluent tenants are hell-bent on an orgy of destruction.

25 April

Tuesday 25 April 8.30pm Channel 039

An innovative animated New Zealand documentary created to bring the New Zealand experience at Gallipoli to life, and introducing it to current audiences through a reimagined world. Directed By reknowned NZ Director & Producer Leanne Pooley.

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