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The Loggers

EP_Sky 5_The Loggers_October 2018

The Loggers

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Channel Premiere

Wendesdays from 10 October 8.30pm Channel 005

The Newtons have logging in their blood. Three generations have worked tirelessly in the bush, and now the Rotorua based family business, helmed by patriarch Willy Newton, is doing better than ever.


Willy Newton worked in the forest for 53 years with hardly a day off. Rain or shine, he led the five Newton Logging crews every day, working side–by–side in one of the most dangerous industries in New Zealand. The work is intense, and the deadlines can’t be missed in this multi–million dollar business, but Willy’s gangs are committed to the forest, and greet every day with humour and enthusiasm.


Their mettle is tested however when the harvester, a frontline machine, is dealt a blow by some infamously challenging trees, and bad weather threatens to bring work to a grinding halt.


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