Shark Week on Discovery
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Shark Week returns to Discovery with bigger sharks and record-breaking breaches, taking viewers to new locations where researchers have discovered and captured never-before-seen behaviours of these fascinating creatures.

Plus the shark stars will be joined by not-to-be-missed celebrity co-stars including Robert Irwin, Tiffany Haddish, William Shatner, Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, Dr. Sandra Lee and  Snoop Dogg.
Discovery celebrates all things shark with locations from around the globe, including NZ and Australia, where new shark behaviours are being documented on camera for the very first time, including Bull shark hunting patterns and capturing the highest breach. Discovery works with nearly two dozen of the world’s most respected marine biologists and science institutions. 

Shark Week 2021 will once again deliver incredible brand-new, innovative shark insights on some of the most remarkable species in the world. 

Best of Shark Week


Crikey! It's Shark Week 
Following his father's legacy, Robert Irwin travels to Lady Elliot Island to study the most dangerous sharks in the world. With the help of experts, Robert endures frigid waters for an up-close encounter with a mega-sized great white for the very first time.


Tiffany Haddish Does Shark Week 
Tiffany Haddish hosts Shark Week! While her fantasy was to uncover the secrets of shark sex sailing on the fanciest yachts, surrounded by friendly sea creatures and pampered by a handsome merman, she's in for the sharkiest of wake-up calls.


Dr. Pimple Popper Pops Shark Week  
Dr. Pimple Popper heads to Turks and Caicos with Dr. Austin Gallagher to explore the world of shark skin and how she can apply the science they gather to help human skin issues.


Expedition Unknown: Shark Trek 
Josh Gates links up with his childhood hero, William Shatner, to boldly go where Shark Week has never gone before. The mission: enter shark-infested waters to understand the nature of fear and come face to face with an apex predator.


Jaws Awakens: Phred Vs. Slash 
Rumor has it that two of the largest sharks in existence have been recently roaming New Zealand waters, but nobody knows which one is the largest. Brandon McMillan and Dickie Chivell are heading out to see which one takes the cake -- Phred or Slash?


To track down New Zealand's monster great whites, researchers build a submersible designed to look like a shark and pilot it deep into what they believe could be a mating ground - the Holy Grail of shark science.
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