Available for you based
on your subscription

As a Sky TV customer you have access to a range of apps to further add value to your Sky subscription. 

There’s so many ways to watch Sky TV content with the apps. You can keep up with the play, and catch the latest sport highlights from the home of sport, or stream up to 27 live channels, including three Sky Sport pop-ups, direct to your phone or tablet (depending on your subscription). There’s something for everyone!

Plus, never miss out on your favourite shows, with the Sky TV Guide app! You can view the handy extended guide and record shows remotely when you’re on the move.

*The Sky TV Guide and the Sky Go App are available to customers on at least the Sky Starter Package and with a Sky box in their home. The Sky Sport Highlights app is a free service for Sky Sport customers with a Sky box in their home and an internet connection in New Zealand. Sky's Online & Mobile Service terms apply.

Sky TV Apps