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Christian Dior: Refinement

Monday 27 November 8.30pm


Live And
Breathe It

Saturday 25 November 8.30pm


Hubert De Givenchy: A Life In Haute Couture

Monday 20 November 8.30pm


Channel 020

Tune in to the best arts and cultural television from New Zealand and around the world.

Fascinating documentaries on artists, writers, dancers, musicians and more
Intelligent interviews with the stars of stage and screen
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A wide range of concerts from classical to rock, pop, jazz, soul and the blues
Stimulating programmes examining popular fiction, classic novels and poetry
Inspiring performances of contemporary dance, ballet, opera and theatre
SKY ARTS is proud to support New Zealand Arts, so look out for more home grown arts programmes made by local artists and filmmakers.

William Kentridge In Rome

Tuesday 3 October 9.20pm Channel 020

In 2016, internationally renowned artist William Kentridge presented “Triumphs and Laments”, his colossal tribute to the history of Rome. A 550 meters long frieze on the Tiber banks, portraying the glories and the tragedies of the Eternal City, from the birth of the Eternal City to Pasolini’s murder, from Bernini to Dolce Vita and the refugee crisis.

The most majestic artwork to take place in Rome since the painting of the Sistine Chapel disappeared within a few short months. This film, shot with exclusive access over two years, is its only memory.

Lucerne: Rattle Conducts Brahms And Dvorak

Wednesday 29 November 7.45pm Channel 020

Even if the music world is often dominated by rivalry, examples of genuine friendships can certainly be found. Take Johannes Brahms and Antonin Dvorak: a pair whose friendship was free of self-interest. And sure enough, his first publication, the spirited Slavonic Dances, enjoyed a sensational success. The Berlin Philharmonic paid homage to this musical friendship by pairing Dvorak’s bravura Slavonic Dances with the Second Symphony of Brahms, also composed in 1877. As an appetizer, Sir Simon Rattle has commissioned a new work from his compatriot Julian Anderson.

PROGRAM: Julian Anderson: Incantesimi for Orchestra; Dvorak: Slavonic Dances, Op. 46; Brahms: Symphony No. 2.

Don’t Blink

Tuesday 28 November 8.30pm Channel 020

Swiss-born photographer Robert Frank is gloriously notorious. He revolutionized photography and independent film. His portraits are snapshots that capture the moment whether they depict the lives of London bankers, Welsh miners, the Beats or rock stars like the Stones.

Robert Frank opens up in front of the camera of his long-standing collaborator and editor Laura Israel and looks back, self-confidently but also self-deprecatingly, at his life and work. The film shows us an artist in action; the witness of an era who remembers the years with Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg – with whom he made films in the cadences of the Beat generation. Robert Frank: always a maverick and anarchist – in any situation that life throws at him.

Christian Dior: Refinement

Monday 27 November 8.30pm Channel 020

In 1947, an unknown became famous overnight in the fashion world: Christian Dior has just invented the "New Look". A clothing line that gives a new shape to the women. In a decade, the designer not only revolutionized fashion but he also setup what fashion is today: the globalization of brands, supermodels...

For Christian Dior, the designer, everything is linked to his childhood in Granville, Normandy. A lost paradise in the garden and the house of his parents in "Les Rhumbs" Villa.

Legends Of The Canyon

Sunday 26 November 8.30pm Channel 020

In the late ‘60s and '70s, Laurel Canyon in California's Hollywood Hills became a haven for the cream of folk and rock music. It was a place to exchange ideas and nurture talent. Crosby Stills and Nash, The Mamas and the Papas, Joni Mitchell and many others all gathered together in this commune-like setting.

It was a magical time and produced some of the best music ever written of its genre, but it was also a tumultuous time in America, from JFK's assassination to the Vietnam war. Featuring interviews with David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash, and rare footage of Mama Cass, this documentary looks at a hugely creative period in music.

Live And Breathe It

Saturday 25 November 8.30pm Channel 020

Forget about the fantasy of a ballerina with satin slippers or the bohemian lifestyle of "Fame”. This film takes us into the daily lives of five characters whose paths may be very different, but are united by a common past, a common drive, and a common need - dancing.

City Time Traveller (Series 2)

Fridays 8pm from 24 November Channel 020

Eco-architect, master-planner and academic professor Jason Pomeroy loves the distinct sights and sounds of Asia. As a frequent traveller, Jason often finds moments of timelessness tucked away in the old quarters of the cities he visits. In brand new business districts, he often gets an adrenaline rush seeing impressive cityscapes taking shape.

Be it futuristic structures or historical monuments, Jason uncovers a rich tapestry of colours, shapes and motifs. They reveal a fascinating story unique to these cities. These stories are what Jason is passionate about sharing.

Ep 1: Friday 24th November, 8.00pm

Argerich & Barenboim: Piano Duos II

Wednesday 22 November 8pm Channel 020

The return to their native city of Martha Argerich and Daniel Barenboim – two childhood friends from Buenos Aires, born just a year apart, who both grew up to become global superstars – proved an unforgettable evening of pianistic magic. “Coexistence”, as symbolisation of the festival motto, was in terms not just of two musical parts coming together in the hands of two very different yet equally distinctive artistic personalities – “the mercurial Martha and Daniel the master-architect” (Buenos Aires Herald).

PROGRAM: Schumann: Six Studies in the Form of Canons for Pedal Piano; Debussy: En blanc et noire; Bartok: Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion.

Hubert De Givenchy: A Life In Haute Couture

Monday 20 November 8.30pm Channel 020

Hubert de Givenchy is not only one of the most talented fashion designers of the twentieth century; he is also one of the most discreet. His fate has been written when he met, among others, Audrey Hepburn, Balenciaga, Marlene Dietrich…

From his childhood memories to magical Hollywood film sets, from the enthusiasm of his first fashion show to the international standing of his brand, explore the work of this brilliant Parisian designer, a humble, generous and passionate man.


Mondays 9.30pm from 13 November Channel 020

For a very long time, craftsmanship seemed to belong to another age, another world. People had been hand-weaving fabrics for generations, using ancient methods, sometimes like well-guarded secrets. Over time, those ancestral techniques gave them an international reputation in the world of luxury and Haute Couture.

Between tradition and modernity, this series relates five destinies - five exceptional craftspeople across the globe. All of them produce the rarest and finest textiles: cashmere in Mongolia, yak hair in Tibet, plant fibres in Japan, silk in Laos or cotton in India.

Each episode takes us to discover their country, their daily life and share the reality of their societies to meet those who weave bonds between ancestral techniques and contemporary design. Through their work, they build bridges between cultures and continents. A colourful and sensitive voyage that plunges us into breath-taking landscapes, offering a journey inside their world.

Ep 1: Monday 13th November, 9.30pm
Ep 2: Monday 20th November, 9.30pm
Ep 3: Monday 27th November, 9.30pm

Later With Jools Holland (Series 50)

Sundays 8.30pm Channel 020

Loved by musicians and critics alike, Later With Jools Holland is the longest running music television programme on the BBC and shows no signs of stopping. Here, stadium fillers, current chart toppers, veterans and left-field artists from all music genres perform together in the same studio.

Garden Design: When Nature Meets Art

Fridays 10pm Channel 020

Gardens are mirrors of the world. An invitation to discover an art form, they are true testimonies to extraordinary inventiveness. Through breath-taking destinations, this series takes us to meet the people who have transformed pieces of nature and urban wastelands into truly unique and innovative landscape creations.

From the Zhongshan Garden (China) turning reclaimed wasteland into a magnificent green space, to the Inhotim open air museum (Brazil) in the heart of 2,000 hectares of lush forest, via the Garden of Cosmic Speculation (Scotland), the Cranbourne Gardens (Australia), or Al-Azhar Park (Egypt), we go to meet the designers of these spaces, as well as the gardeners, botanists, historians and everyday visitors who enjoy them.

Exploring environment and creativity, come enjoy a unique view of these spaces we thought we knew. Discover new manners of inhabiting the planet combined with a new way of experiencing nature.

Ep 4: Friday 27th October, 10.00pm
Ep 5: Friday 3rd November, 10.00pm (FINAL)

Master Of Photography (Series 2)

Fridays 8.30pm Channel 020

An international panel of photography experts selected twelve contestants from all over Europe to take part in the second series of Master of Photography. They will face a task each week in which they have to demonstrate their technical and artistic capabilities.

Each challenge has been designed to test the contestant’s versatility and skill in adapting to different photographic styles. Each episode will feature a different guest from the world of photography who will offer advice to the contestants.

Throughout the series, the judges announce the themes of each episode to the competitors and after each challenge, they discuss the images that have been put forward and decide who will be eliminated. At the end of the series, the judges choose the winner of the competition.

Ep 3: Friday 27th October, 8.30pm
Ep 4: Friday 3rd November, 8.30pm
Ep 5: Friday 10th November, 8.30pm
Ep 6: Friday 17th November, 8.30pm
Ep 7: Friday 24th November, 8.30pm

Andre Rieu: Welcome To My World (Series 2)

Fridays 7pm Channel 020

One of the world’s most successful performers returns with his orchestra to give audiences a musical extravaganza - combining classical and waltz music. Each episode features one of Andre’s legendary concerts and is combined with exclusive backstage interviews with the star.

Ep 1: Friday 27th October, 7.00pm
Ep 2: Friday 3rd November, 7.00pm
Ep 3: Friday 10th November, 7.00pm
Ep 4: Friday 17th November, 7.00pm
Ep 5: Friday 24th November, 7.00pm

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