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SKY Arts


Grayson Perry: Rites Of Passage

Mondays 8.30pm from 5 November


Fake Or Fortune (Series 7)

Tuesdays 8.30pm from 6 November


Juan Diego Florez Sings Mozart

Wednesday 21 November 8.40pm


Never Stop: A Music That Resists

Sunday 25 November 9pm


Channel 020

Tune in to the best arts and cultural television from New Zealand and around the world.

Fascinating documentaries on artists, writers, dancers, musicians and more
Intelligent interviews with the stars of stage and screen
In-depth shows on modern and classical art, architecture and design
A wide range of concerts from classical to rock, pop, jazz, soul and the blues
Stimulating programmes examining popular fiction, classic novels and poetry
Inspiring performances of contemporary dance, ballet, opera and theatre
SKY ARTS is proud to support New Zealand Arts, so look out for more home grown arts programmes made by local artists and filmmakers.

The Great Songwriters (Series 2)

Thursdays 9pm Channel 020

A classic series of original portraits of legendary songwriters discussing their creative processes and inspirations. Each film features four exclusive performances with compelling, intimate new interviews. These films reveal the inner workings of the subject and the wide range of artists builds into an authoritative, fascinating and entertaining series. With this presenter-less format, each film has an individual look and feel driven by the personality of the Artist as explain their work and passion in their own words.

This Is Art (Series 1)

Thursdays 8.30pm Channel 020

THIS IS ART is a journey into ourselves, into our feelings and our concerns. The emotions that characterize us as human beings. Art has the power to bring out all kinds of feelings and sensations. Thanks to it, we can figure out who we really are. The main aim of THIS IS ART is to move us, to shake things up, but it is also a show for learning, intended for all audiences. Because we are all capable of desiring, loving, hating, laughing and crying. Through the beauty of artistic forms, we go inside the inner workings of human nature. All artists use art to explain their emotions and we use emotions to explain different aspects of the history of art.

Over the course of this series and through its entertaining and rhythmic storytelling, we touch on themes as universal as desire, ecstasy, love, inspiration, solitude, madness, faith, fear, sadness, jealousy, hope and vanity. In each episode, we talk about these themes as we speak of painting, sculpture, music, architecture and literature, with visuals that are daring, fascinating and highly attractive, in the spirit of the very essence of the program. Having Ramon Gener on board is no coincidence. He has proven his talent as a communicator on shows like "Opera en Texans" and "This Is Opera". His uncanny ability to convey the passion, knowledge and magic of all these concepts is what takes the viewer by the hand on this wonderful voyage through the human condition.

Master Of Photography (Series 3)

Fridays 8.30pm Channel 020

Master Of Photography returns for another season of fascinating photographic skill and ability from a mixture of professional and amateur photographers. 8 weeks, 8 different challenges in which contestants have to prove to a jury of photographers and renowned experts that they have the creativity, versatility and resilience to become the next Master Of Photography.

Treasures Of The British Library (Series 2)

Fridays 9.15pm Channel 020

Five famous personalities venture into the vaults beneath St. Pancras; each hunting for six treasures that capture their life, work and fascinations. Journalist Fiona Bruce seeks out the dawn of the news industry and indulges her love of cake. Actors Jim Carter and Andrew Scott seek out wonders as diverse as Anglo-Saxon manuscripts and Michelangelo sketches. Classical violin soloist Nicola Benedetti sees scores by Beethoven and Elgar, alongside the poems of Robbie Burns; and writer Hanif Kureishi uses British Library documents to get the inside track on the Beatles, Punk and Rock Against Racism. Each of the thirty items is a unique, priceless treasure; every story is an insight into the passions of our presenters.

Put Some Colour In Your Life (Series 5)

Mondays 7.30pm Channel 020

Graeme Stevenson visits artists in their own studios, examining the many creative processes that artists utilise in their work.

Grayson Perry: Rites Of Passage

Mondays 8.30pm from 5 November Channel 020

Award-winning artist Grayson Perry creates rites of passage for real Britons to help them through the most significant milestones of contemporary life. Each of these rituals involves a ceremony that Grayson designs with the contributors, as well as ritual art objects that Grayson makes.

Grayson believes that rites of passage – which we’ve either lost, or are now commercially-driven shells – are essential to our emotional health and happiness. In these compelling, moving and entertaining series, Grayson helps people get married, celebrate birth, come of age and prepare for death.

Fake Or Fortune (Series 7)

Tuesdays 8.30pm from 6 November Channel 020

Fake or Fortune returns for a seventh series as art detectives Philip Mould and Fiona Bruce investigate more thrilling cases of art world mystery, intrigue and deception.

Artworks under investigation this series include a previously unknown drawing by Henry Moore with a difficult provenance – it’s the only work by a British artist to emerge from the controversial Gurlitt Hoard, an art collection of 1500 paintings amassed during the Second World War by Nazi art dealer Hildebrand Gurlitt.

The team also examine four sketchbooks thought to be the work of the young Toulouse Lautrec; investigate a double whodunit in Scotland where the identities of the artists behind two paintings steeped in mystery remain uncertain; seek to resolve whether an alleged still life by William Nicholson is indeed one his works, and, in a first for the team, investigate whether a stark white square of plaster could be a missing work by one of the world’s greatest sculptors, Alberto Giacometti.

Auction (Series 10)

Tuesdays 9.30pm Channel 020

Public interest is high as possessions that belonged to a number of famous faces come up for auction in this latest series, including personal items from actresses Vivien Leigh and Audrey Hepburn. There is also the last picture that Winston Churchill ever painted and a family of woolly mammoths found in Russia. However, it is the exciting sale of Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi that really grabs all the headlines when it becomes the most expensive painting ever sold at auction – for $450 million!

The Doors: Isle Of Wight 1970

Sunday 18 November 8pm Channel 020

August 1970: With Jim Morrison's ongoing Miami obscenity trial casting an ominous shadow over the band, The Doors flew to England to play the Isle of Wight Festival. Waiting for them at The Last Great Festival were over 600,000 fans who had already torn down the barriers, crashed the gates, and enjoyed performances by the world's top acts such as Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Miles Davis and Joni Mitchell.

The Doors took the stage at 2am, playing with the weight of the trial on their backs, and showed fans they still had the magic that had propelled them to the top during the Summer of Love. “We played with a controlled fury and Jim was in fine vocal form," said Doors organist Ray Manzarek. "He sang for all he was worth, but moved nary a muscle. Dionysus had been shackled.” Less than a year later, The Doors were no more. This was the last The Doors concert ever filmed.

Live From The Artists Den (Series 8)

Sunday Nights from 18th November Channel 020

The critically acclaimed concert series provides an intimate music experience with ground-breaking and inspiring artists. The 8th season features Tim McGraw at The Corinthian (Houston), Rodrigo y Gabriela at the Hispanic Society of America (New York), Lily Allen at the Manhattan Center’s Grand Ballroom (New York) and Jason Mraz at UCLA’s Royce Hall (Los Angeles).

Juan Diego Florez Sings Mozart

Wednesday 21 November 8.40pm Channel 020

Acclaimed across the globe for the beauty of his voice and the emotional power of his performances, Peruvian tenor Juan Diego Florez has in his career so far focused almost exclusively on the masterpieces of the bel canto repertoire by Rossini, Donizetti and Bellini, and others. From his earliest studies at the conservatory in Lima to the present day, Florez has sung Mozart arias every now and then but he has never sung a complete Mozart opera on stage. “It just hadn’t worked out till now”, he confesses. And now Mozart, finally. True, the desire had been there for a long time, but “now is the time, I feel I’m ready”. To display another fascinating side to his vocal personality, the concert program includes many of the best-loved Mozart arias – all of them magnificently performed by the Orchestra La Scintilla, an ensemble with outstanding reputation for their historical performance practice, led by Ricardo Minasi.


Saturday 24 November 8.45pm Channel 020

Jonathan Watkins based his new full-length choreography for Northern Ballet on George Orwell’s world famous novel “1984”, which is even more relevant today when Big Brothers watches you, whether you like it or not. 1984 brilliantly combines all the elements of music by Alex Baranowski, design, technology and dance to create an exciting new work. Experience the author’s unforgettable modern classic – a tale of control and freedom – through the medium of dance.

Never Stop: A Music That Resists

Sunday 25 November 9pm Channel 020

Filmmaker Jacqueline Caux takes an introspective look at four pioneers of Detroit Techno including the trials and tribulations each experienced as they rose through the ranks of electronic music to become some of the most respected musicians in the genres’ history. Their independent labels have allowed an underground culture to resonate worldwide. Featuring exclusive music, live footage and interviews with Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Carl Craig, and Jeff Mills.

My View: Clem Burke

Sunday 25 November 10.10pm Channel 020

Blondie drummer Clem Burke shines a light on what he is doing now and where he is heading, with both the band and his solo projects. Featuring interviews with Annie Lennox and Debbie Harry.

Andris Nelsons: Inaugural Concert: Leipzig

Wednesday 28 November 7.50pm Channel 020

A new era in Leipzig has just begun: Andris Nelsons started his tenure as the 21st Gewandhaus conductor. The inaugural concert combined the world premiere of Relief, a new piece by composer Steffen Schleiermacher, with one of the most important premieres in the history of the orchestra. In March 1842, the Gewandhausorchester performed the famous Scottish Symphony by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy under the direction of the composer himself for the first time. In choosing this repertoire, Andris Nelsons pays tribute to the grand history of the city of Leipzig and its Gewandhausorchester. Alban Berg’s violin concerto, performed by Latvian Baiba Skride, works as a link between the decades. After Andris Nelsons’ first concert as the 21st Gewandhaus Kapellmeister, the Financial Times states: "the new partnership brims with artistic promise".

PROGRAM: Schleiermacher: Relief for Orchestra; Berg: Concerto for Violin and Orchestra; Mendelssohn Bartholdy: Symphony No.3.

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