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Worlds Of Ursula K. Le Guin

Thursday 17 October 8.30pm


Betty Davis: They Say I’m Different

Sunday 20 October 9.45pm


Isle Of Wight Festival 2019

Sunday 27 October 9.15pm


Channel 020

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Worlds Of Ursula K. Le Guin

Thursday 17 October 8.30pm Channel 020

This film explores the remarkable life and legacy of the late feminist author Ursula K. Le Guin. Best known for ground-breaking science fiction and fantasy works such as ‘A Wizard of Earthsea’, ‘The Left Hand of Darkness’, and ‘The Dispossessed’. Le Guin defiantly held her ground on the margin of “respectable” literature until the sheer excellence of her work forced the mainstream to embrace fantastic literature. Her fascinating story has never before been captured on film.

Produced with Le Guin’s participation over the course of a decade, Worlds Of Ursula K. Le Guin is a journey through the writer’s career and her worlds, both real and fantastic. Viewers will join the writer on an intimate journey of self-discovery as she comes into her own as a major feminist author, opening new doors for the imagination and inspiring generations of women and other marginalized writers along the way.

The film features stunning animation and reflections by literary luminaries including Margaret Atwood, Neil Gaiman, David Mitchell, Michael Chabon and others.

The Feminister

Friday 18 October 8.30pm Channel 020

Incredible coverage of four years in the office of the Swedish foreign minister, Margot Wallstrom, known for her fearless feminist agenda and sharp, empathic mind. We witness her arduous negotiations with Saudi Arabia, Israel and North Korea, as well as a highly competitive campaign for a seat in the UNSC, followed by a crash course in keeping it cool in the face of death threats and intimidation.

Gaming In Symphony

Saturday 19 October 8.30pm Channel 020

Gaming In Symphony is an epic concert performed by the Danish National Symphony Orchestra with the Danish National Concert Choir and various soloists conducted by Eimear Noone. The visual design and the light effects during the performance are spectacular, drawing you into the fascinating world of video games.

Urban Myths: Paul McCartney

Saturday 19 October 9.45pm Channel 020

Telling the incredible tale of how Paul McCartney dreamt the melody of ‘Yesterday’. With a dollop of creative licence from writer Simon Nye, this is a heartfelt comedy drama showing how the greatest song of the twentieth century came to be. A deeply affectionate look at one of the greatest musicians, and his partnership with John Lennon, examining the cracks that may have changed their musical partnership forever.

Starring Tom Connor (The Fiddler), James Coward (Trashed), Jordan Scowen, Simon Gordon, Rosie Day (Living the Dream), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Juliet Howland (Doctors).

Once Aurora

Sunday 20 October 8.30pm Channel 020

Aurora is a pop music sensation from a small town in Western Norway. She was discovered at the age of 16, dropped out of school and spent years touring the world with her first album. At the age of 20, she is at a breaking point. Is this really what she wants, and if not, does she have any other option but to continue?

Betty Davis: They Say I’m Different

Sunday 20 October 9.45pm Channel 020

Funk Queen Betty Davis changed the landscape for female artists in America. An aspiring songwriter from a small steel town, Betty arrived on the 70’s scene to break boundaries for women with her daring personality, iconic fashion and outrageous funk music.

She befriended Jimi Hendrix and Sly Stone, wrote songs for the Chambers Brothers and the Commodores, and married Miles – startlingly turning him from jazz to funk on the album she named "Bitches Brew". She then, despite being banned and boycotted, went on to become the first black woman to perform, write and manage herself.

Betty was a feminist pioneer, inspiring and intimidating in a manner like no woman before. Then suddenly – she vanished. Creatively blending documentary and animation, this film traces the path of Betty’s life, how she grew from humble upbringings to become a fully self-realized black female pioneer the world failed to understand or appreciate.

After years of trying, the elusive Betty, forever the free-spirited Black Power Goddess, finally allowed the filmmakers to creatively tell her story based on their conversations.

Dancing Beethoven

Monday 21 October 8pm Channel 020

A journey through the preparation and hardworking process of ballet dancers and musicians for a unique spectacle in Tokio that Bejart choreographed with the Ninth symphony of Beethoven. Bejart Ballet dances with Tokio Ballet and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Israel. A marvellous combination of dancers movements and expression of different feelings along the four movements of the symphony with absolute elegance and strength.

Baden Baden 2019: Verdi Requiem

Wednesday 23 October 7.30pm Channel 020

The music of Verdi’s Messa combines religious grandeur with operatic drama and passion, and contains equally exquisite writing for both chorus and soloists. It is notable for its emotional depth and variety. This mass is a touchstone work for Muti, who already won two Grammy Awards for his interpretation. The all-star cast of soloists Vittoria Yeo, Elina Garanca, Francesco Meli, Ildar Abdrazakov guarantee a performance of deepest emotionality and musical prowess.

March Of The Mokos

Thursday 24 October 8pm Channel 020

This is the story of how an old African ritual, which found expression in Trinidad’s traditional Carnival masquerade, became a dynamic form of social intervention, a fun hobby and created some of the most spectacular masquerade kings and queens. Through the efforts of Mr. Glen DeSouza, better known as Dragon, the dying moko jumbie stilt dancing practice received a revival as it spread throughout the country and abroad.

Burning Man: A Whale In The Desert

Thursday 24 October 8.30pm Channel 020

Burning Man is no run-of-the-mill festival. For one week of every year, thousands of people descend upon Black Rock, a desert north of Nevada for this unique celebration of music and contemporary art.

Each participant must respect the 10 founding principles of the event, ranging from welcoming and helping everyone to prioritizing self-expression and immediate experience. The rules also insist on leaving no trace of the celebrations upon the desert.

The documentary follows an artistic project, ‘The Space Whale’, from its conception to its completion. Filmed through immersion in the festival, close to a group of wacky artists, it presents the human and technological challenges that the team faces, whilst also demonstrating the spirit of the festival. A truly transient laboratory of new ideas and utopias brought to life by Matt Schultz.

Gary Cooper: The Irresistable

Friday 25 October 8.30pm Channel 020

Maria Cooper Janis, Cooper's daughter, opens up to talk about the acting career of her father. Born into a highly respected family, both his parents had emigrated from England and settled in Montana where his father served as Supreme Court Judge, Gary Cooper learnt to love the outdoor life, horse riding, fishing and hunting on the family ranch. When the family moved to Los Angeles, Cooper wanted to go to art school but ended up performing stunts and acting in cowboy films and westerns. His break-through came with Wings, which laid the foundation of his career as the “American Hero” and sex symbol for decades.

Discovering Christmas Films

Saturday 26 October 7pm Channel 020

Ian Nathan, Bonnie Greer, Derek Malcolm, Neil Norman and Stephen Armstrong meet together to discuss their favourite Christmas movies of all time.

The Night Of All Nights

Saturday 26 October 8.30pm Channel 020

Four couples from the US, Japan, India and Germany open up about their relationships, which have all lasted, remarkably, longer than fifty years. In frank and funny interviews, each pair reflects on life before and beyond the moments that brought them together, and how they have grown as partners.

This light-hearted and humorous documentary goes deeply into the secrets of partnership and love. How can couples manage to stay together for a lifetime, when they hardly knew each other in the first place?

The Who: Live At Kilburn 1977

Sunday 27 October 8.10pm Channel 020

Filmed in 1977, this rare concert film captures the classic Who line-up of Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, John Entwistle and Keith Moon in what would be their final public show with the legendary Keith Moon on drums. Nine months later, Moon passed away at the age of 32.

The band are on top-form performing all of their greatest hits including Pinball Wizard, Baba O’Riley, I Can’t Explain, My Generation, Won’t Get Fooled Again, Substitute, Behind Blue Eyes and an early version of the Who rock classic Who Are You.

Isle Of Wight Festival 2019

Sunday 27 October 9.15pm Channel 020

The Isle Of Wight Festival returns with headline performances from Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, Biffy Clyro, George Ezra and special guest Fatboy Slim. Additional performers include Richard Ashcroft, Courteeners, James, Bastille and Madness.

Isle of Wight Festival is the UK's longest-running music festival and remains one of the most popular in Europe, bringing around 90,000 music fans to the island each year for a weekend of iconic rock artists and underground dance acts.

Hunting The Light

Monday 28 October 8pm Channel 020

What happens if you travel north into the darkness of the Arctic winter in search of natural light? Hunting The Light is an award-winning, exquisitely shot film by photographer Tor Sivertstol. We follow his journey north meeting several artists on the way who are all inspired by the beauty of their harsh surroundings.

Waldbuhne 2019

Wednesday 30 October 7.30pm Channel 020

When, how and where can one have more pleasant dreams of faraway, mysterious worlds than at the traditional Waldbuhne concert of the Berliner Philharmoniker?

Ravel’s three-part song cycle Sheherazade is an irresistible invitation to send your imagination on a journey to magical, distant places under summer skies, performed here by Marianne Crebassa. The young mezzo-soprano is well known for her sensitive interpretations of French music.

Pan! Our Music Odyssey

Thursday 31 October 8pm Channel 020

Against the backdrop of Trinidad and Tobago's annual steel band competition, Panorama - in which thousands of musicians in huge ensembles of over 100 players desperately compete in performing elaborate music - several musicians chase their dreams.

Their stories are interlaced with re-enactments of the rags-to-riches tale of the steel band movement, which was born into poverty and violence but climbed to the highest levels of social and artistic acceptance. This film is the story of men and women who staked all on their art, and of French, Japanese and Americans, whose passion and daring has drawn them to the world championships. This is a global human adventure out of the ordinary.

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