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Fake Or Fortune (Series 8)

Tuesdays 8.30pm from 10 September


Looking For

Tuesdays 9.30pm from 10 September


Urban Myths: The Trial Of Joan Collins

Saturday 28 September 9.35pm


Channel 020

Tune in to the best arts and cultural television from New Zealand and around the world.

Fascinating documentaries on artists, writers, dancers, musicians and more
Intelligent interviews with the stars of stage and screen
In-depth shows on modern and classical art, architecture and design
A wide range of concerts from classical to rock, pop, jazz, soul and the blues
Stimulating programmes examining popular fiction, classic novels and poetry
Inspiring performances of contemporary dance, ballet, opera and theatre
SKY ARTS is proud to support New Zealand Arts, so look out for more home grown arts programmes made by local artists and filmmakers.

Put Some Colour In Your Life (Series 6)

Monday @ 8pm Channel 020

Master artist Graeme Stevenson travels around Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States on his Harley Davidson filming artists in their studios and showing their techniques. The series is educational, entertaining, humorous and enables viewers to learn from some of the best artists in the world.

Fake Or Fortune (Series 8)

Tuesdays 8.30pm from 10 September Channel 020

Fake or Fortune returns for an eighth series as Philip Mould and Fiona Bruce investigate more thrilling cases of art world mystery, intrigue and deception.

Pushing more deeply than ever before with surprising twists and turns, this series offers an unparalleled run of international rollercoaster stories. From art history to some of the latest forensic testing, this is the only series where artistic and detective skills go hand in hand.

Great storytelling, exhaustive research, state-of-the-art forensics, real-human drama and jaw-dropping revelations presented by Philip Mould also known in the art world as ‘The Master Sleuth’ and eminent journalist Fiona Bruce.

Looking For Rembrandt

Tuesdays 9.30pm from 10 September Channel 020

To mark the 350th anniversary of his death, this enlightening series unravels two mysteries about the great painter. Firstly, how did an incendiary talent like Rembrandt, in his youth the darling of the Dutch art world and high society, end up in a pauper’s grave? How could an artist who once would have been considered rich from the income he received from his art students come to such an ignominious end?

Then there is the question of his afterlife. Today, Rembrandt is considered one of the most famous artists in European history. In 2015, two of his portraits sold for €160 million. Why was his work so often misunderstood in his own lifetime and why is his work so highly prized today? What have we found in his pictures in the last 350 years that many of Rembrandt’s contemporaries simply could not see?

Lucerne Festival 2018: Gabetta & Roth

Wednesday 18 September 8.30pm Channel 020

Martinu’s First Cello Concerto is simply magnificent, both in its musical substance and as a work for cello. The orchestral writing is lush, the themes, which are based on Bohemian folk melodies, are extremely appealing, and Sol Gabetta find its rhythmic structures highly interesting.

Folk music-like moments, this time Hungarian in origin, will be heard in Bartok’s Divertimento at the start of this concert. Later on, Francois-Xavier Roth and the Mahler Chamber Orchestra lead us into the realm of childhood with Bizet’s Jeux d’Enfants. The programme ends with a detour to a chicken farm in Haydn’s La Poule.

Yannick Nezet-Seguin Biography

Thursday 19 September 8.30pm Channel 020

In 2018 Yannick Nezet-Seguin will end his tenure with the Rotterdam Philharmonic for which he will stay Honorary Conductor to become Music Director of the Metropolitan Opera, New York. Yannick has worked with many leading European orchestras and enjoys close collaborations with the Berliner Philharmoniker, the Wiener Philharmoniker the Chamber Orchestra of Europe and many notable orchestras and festivals. Discover more about this fascinating young conductor, who seems to be taking the world by storm in this ambitious, witty and intimate portrait.

Keepers Of The Magic

Friday 20 September 8.30pm Channel 020

How do the world's leading cameramen capture the perfect shot? What does it take to make an audience swoon before the silver screen? Masters of the craft explore their relationship with the moving image.

Featuring interviews with the visionaries behind 'The Godfather', 'Apocalypse Now', 'City of God' and many more, this documentary is a breathtaking behind-the-scenes look at the visual magic at the heart of cinema's most iconic moments.

The Private Life Of The Royal Academy

Saturday 21 September 8.30pm Channel 020

Shot over five years leading to its 250th anniversary, The Private Life of the Royal Academy is an intimate portrait of one of Britain’s most enduring cultural institutions. With unique access, the documentary illuminates the inner workings of the Royal Academy of Arts and reveals how it embraces the challenge of balancing tradition and innovation.

Salome: Salzburg Festival 2018

Sunday 22 September 8am Channel 020

Salome, the masterpiece of Richard Strauss, who conducted the very first opera in the history of the Salzburg Festival, finally returns to Salzburg after 25 years. To witness Franz Welser-Most, a Strauss conductor in a league of his own, at the helm of the Wiener Philharmoniker "makes you think you are hearing the piece in its most perfect incarnation yet." (Financial Times).

Composer: Richard Strauss.
Conductor: Franz Welser-Most.
Orchestra: Wiener Philharmoniker.
Performers: Asmik Grigorian, John Daszak, Gabor Bretz, Anna Maria Chiuri, Julian Pregardien.

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band Plays Baloise Session

Sunday 22 September 8.30pm Channel 020

Manfred Mann‘s Earth Band are an English rock band formed by South African musician Manfred Mann in 1971. The band‘s hits include covers of Bruce Springsteen‘s “For You”, “Blinded by the Light” and “Spirit in the Night”. The Earth Band combines the stylistic approach of progressive rock with Mann‘s jazz-influenced Moog synthesizer playing and keen ear for melody. Beside producing their own material, a staple of the band‘s music and live performances from the beginning has been also relying on covers of songs by other modern pop/rock artists, notably Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, in their progressive rock style.

Sinfonia Grange Au Lac D’Evian 2018

Wednesday 25 September 7.30pm Channel 020

The closing concert of the 2018 edition is also an opening concert: a new orchestra for the Grange au Lac. Coming from the largest international phalanx, its members gather in Evian for the first time.

Three chamber concerts, where the soloists of the orchestra explore rare pages of Russian music and three days of rehearsal to tackle, under the baton of the great Esa-Pekka Salonen create an exciting program that will celebrate Europe in peace – the bruises of war and the ideals of the Enlightenment.

The Oldies: Los Viejos

Friday 27 September 8.30pm Channel 020

In the city of Santa Clara, three elderly musicians, who were once at the heart of Cuba's rich musical scene, drift between present and memory to relate their undying passion for music. Zaida sings her tired heart out, Bringuez struggles to play the saxophone again, and Candido uses old photographs to convey his tireless love for life. This beautiful documentary offers an intimate and compassionate perspective on Cuban culture and life in old age.

The Morricone Duel

Saturday 28 September 8.20pm Channel 020

The Wild West meets the soulful sound of Italy. Fearless New York gangsters meet cowboys from the dusty prairie. Godfather meets Taxi Driver. The magic of cinema meets the rich sound of a first-class symphony orchestra.

This concert presents a unique selection of movie classics - from Sergio Leone’s iconic Spaghetti Westerns to modern mafia masterpieces by Francis Ford Coppola and the cult movies of Tarantino.

The Danish National Symphony Orchestra is conducted by Sarah Hicks and joined by a fistful of strong guest artists for this premiere performance of the authentic soundtracks by composer legends Ennio Morricone, Nino Rota, Sonny Bono and Bernard Herrmann.

Urban Myths: The Trial Of Joan Collins

Saturday 28 September 9.35pm Channel 020

A tempestuous courtroom tussle between a glamorous soap star and a pugnacious publisher – you could not make it up!

This story revolves around the Joan Collins trial where she went head-to-head with Random House in the mid-nineties. The author and actor was paid a large advance for her novel, which the publishers claimed was unpublishable, leading to one of the most extraordinary – and glamorous – trials of the decade.

Starring: Victoria Hamilton (The Crown), David Walliams (Grandpa's Great Escape), Mark Heap, Haydn Gwynne, Leo Wringer.

Suburban Steps To Rockland

Sunday 29 September 8.30pm Channel 020

Suburban Steps To Rockland revolves around the story of the Ealing Club, a venue recently defined by the prestigious Mojo Magazine as 'The Cradle of British Rock' thanks to its role in creating a new musical movement whose participants continue to influence the sound of contemporary music.

Bernard Haitink: It Comes My Way

Monday 30 September 8pm Channel 020

Bernard Haitink reflects on his career and his life. This film turns out to become a very moving portrait of a man who simply cannot enjoy his success. Dutch radio and TV personality Hans Haffmans spends two days having intimate conversations with Bernard, including studying the Mengelberg score of Das Lied von der Erde. Being asked, why he is still going strong at 89, he simply answers: “Maybe I can do it better next time...maybe”.

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