SKY Box Office 043

Foreigner (16VLSC)

Never push a
good man too far.

Available from 24 January

SKY Box Office 041

Geostorm (MV)

Some things were never meant to be controlled

Available from 24 January

SKY Box Office 041

The Dark
Tower (MV)

There are other
worlds than these.

Available from 6 January

SKY Box Office 042

Wish Upon

Be careful what
you wish for.

Available from 20 January

SKY Box Office 042

The Only Living Boy In New York (MLS)

Available from 13 January


SKY Box Office brings every SKY customer the hottest titles every month on channels 40-43. With the latest movies always available to you at home, SKY Box Office means endless entertainment is just a few clicks away.

Access pay-per-view blockbuster movies via My Account, your SKY remote control or call SKY on 0800 759 778 to book over the phone.

You can watch as many times as you like during the 24 hour blocks from these set start-times: 7.35pm, 8.05pm, 8.35pm and 9.05pm, or watch when it suits you On Demand. Movies are billed on your monthly account. Each movie costs $6.99 or $7.99 for HD.


My Year With Helen (PGL)
Pilgrimage (16VLC)
Battle of the Sexes (PGLSC)
The Foreigner (16VLSC)
Geostorm (MV)
Victoria and Abdul (PG)
Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (PG)
Ozzy (G)
The Dark Tower (MV)
Wish Upon (16VC)
Happy Death Day (MVLSC)
Girls Trip (16VLSC)
Cars 3 (G)
The Only Living Boy In New York (MLS)
Annabelle: Creation (16VC)
The Lego Ninjago Movie (PGL)
Kingsman: The Golden Circle (16VLSC)


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  • Book Online

    Sign in to My Account to book

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  • Book by TXT

    Text SBO and Channel number (see keyword list below) to 4024 and you'll be sent a reply confirming your booking.

  • SKY Remote

    If your box is connected to a phone jack or the internet*, follow the prompts on-screen to book.

  • SKY On Demand

    Go to On Demand then Box Office on screen and select your movie. $6.99 for SD or $7.99 for HD.


It's super easy to book pay-per-view movies and events instantly.
Just use any of the options above and you're all set to watch some of the latest blockbuster movies or catch the latest sensation in boxing. Plus, best of all, you can do all this without leaving the couch or picking up the phone.

When booking your pay-per-view by text, you'll need to text the following keyword for what channel you are wanting to book to 4024.


To book a movie on SBO Channel 040 -Text SBO40 to 4024
To book a movie on SBO Channel 041 -Text SBO41 to 4024
To book a movie on SBO Channel 042 -Text SBO42 to 4024
To book a movie on SBO Channel 043 -Text SBO43 to 4024

*Conditions apply. To text book, you must be registered for text booking through My Account. Text booking messages are free to send and receive. To book by remote, you will need your phone jack connected to your decoder.