Sky Go Usage Rules

The following rules, together with Sky's Online and Mobile Service Terms apply to your use of Sky Go.

1. You may only view Sky Go content on devices that you have registered with Sky. If you try to access Sky Go on an unregistered device, then you will be prompted to register that device (subject to the limitations below) when you sign in to Sky Go.

2. Currently you may only register up to five devices against your Sky account.

3. You may deregister a device and replace it with a different registered device up to once every 30 days.

4. You may only access Sky Go on one registered device at a time per Sky account.

5. When using the Download to Go feature on the Sky Go app, the following rules also apply:
(a) currently you may only store up to 25 programmes on a device at any given time and your device's storage capacity may limit this below that number; and   
(b) you will only have a limited amount of time to watch the programme after you have downloaded it. The timeframes may change programme to programme depending on the different rights we have. Normally programmes will expire at the earlier of: (i) 30 days after the date of download; and (ii) 48 hours after you first press play to start watching the programme. 
Remember that not all Sky Go content is available for Download to Go and you must be a subscriber of the relevant programme to access specific content that is available. 

6. Please note that only some kinds of devices can currently access Sky Go. Please see the Sky Go Minimum System and Software Requirements for details.


At launch, we are not requiring device registration to use Sky Sport Highlights, or placing limits on the number of concurrent streams that can be used to access Sky Sport Highlights on your account. However, we may introduce device registration, or limit concurrent streams, in the future.
Only some devices can use Sky Sport Highlights – click here for details.