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SKY Movies Disney


Saturday 16 February, 6.30pm

  • SKY Movies Disney

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SKY Movies Disney

Channel 037

Your destination for 24 hour fun from the whole Disney iconic library where you will find the magic of timeless storytelling with much loved characters.

Snow Buddies

Saturday 2 February, 6.30pm Channel 037

This time around the pups follow an ice cream transport truck and accidentally find themselves in the icy terrain of Alaska! They meet some new friends, including Shasta the husky, compete in a sled rice and try to find their way home.

Lilo & Stitch

Monday 4 February, 6.30pm Channel 037

On the lush and tropical Hawaiian Islands, a lonely little girl named Lilo adopts what she thinks is an innocent puppy. She names her new "pet" Stitch, completely unaware that he is a dangerous genetic experiment who has escaped from an alien planet. Stitch's only interest in Lilo is using her as a human shield to evade the alien bounty hunters who are bent on recapturing him.


Sunday 10 February, 6.30pm Channel 037

Herc," the mighty son of Zeus, is taken from his Mount Olympus home and raised on Earth-half man, half god. The fiery figure behind Hercules' disappearance is Hades, the hot-headed god of the Underworld who has grown tired of looking after a "bunch of deadbeats" and sees Zeus' son as an obstacle to his plans to rule the universe. When Herc discovers the truth about his origins, he sets out to prove himself a hero so he can return to his mythological home. Featuring the voices of Danny DeVito, Tate Donovan.


Snow Buddies
Lilo & Stitch
Treasure Buddies
That Darn Cat
Super Buddies
The Fox And The Hound
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