Sky Rewards Terms

Effective 18 November 2021
  1. Introduction: Welcome to Sky Rewards! Sky Rewards is aimed at rewarding and recognising loyal Sky TV subscribers. By participating in Sky Rewards, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out below.
  1. Eligibility:
    1. To be eligible to receive a Sky Reward, you are required to be a Sky TV residential customer who has been subscribed to a Sky Starter package for a minimum of 6 consecutive months and has a Sky Box in the home.
    2. Rewards will be based on your tenure with Sky TV. Sky calculates consecutive tenure where you have held a continuous Sky Starter subscription with no break in your subscription.
    3. You may not be eligible for a Sky Reward if your Sky account is in arrears.
  1. Sky Rewards:
    1. From time to time, Sky may offer rewards to eligible subscribers, including but not limited to, channel unlocks, My Sky credits, Sky Box Office vouchers, entertainment experiences, sports tickets, third party offers, and giveaways. The list of rewards available is subject to change and is at Sky’s sole discretion.
    2. Specific terms will apply for each Sky Reward (Specific Sky Reward Terms) and these will be available on the Sky Rewards website or on My Account. Each Sky Reward is subject to Specific Sky Reward Terms and these Terms.
    3. Sky Rewards cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash.
    4. Some Sky Rewards such as sports tickets, entertainment experiences, third party offers and giveaways may be offered on a first come, first served basis as set out in the Specific Sky Reward Terms.
    5. The Sky Rewards offered to you, or chosen by us for you, where applicable, will be final.
  1. Communication with you:
    1. So that we can let you know about the exciting things we are planning at Sky Rewards, or to let you choose your Sky Reward, you will need to opt in to receiving electronic marketing messages from us which can be managed in My Account.
    2. If you don’t opt in to receiving electronic marketing messages from us, you won’t have the option to choose a Sky Reward and the Sky Reward you receive will be at our discretion.
  1. Redemption information:
    1. You will receive confirmation of your Sky Reward via email or via My Account including details on how to redeem your Sky Reward. You will need to ensure that your contact details are kept up to date. At the time you redeem your Sky Reward you will be given the opportunity to check and amend any errors before redeeming your chosen Sky Reward.
    2. If you redeem your Sky Reward for tickets to an event, you must have the ability to travel and/or arrange accommodation where necessary, at your own expense.
    3. Most Sky Rewards offers will be sent electronically to you via email but in the instance where we need to deliver a physical reward, we will courier the physical reward to your Sky TV installation address.
    4. Should your Sky Reward be a ticket to an event (entertainment, sports or other), this will be offered to you via an email.  Should you not respond within the date or time period specified in the email, the reward will be withdrawn and offered to another eligible subscriber.
    5. All competitions run as a Sky Reward are subject to the specific terms of the competition (Specific Competition Terms), these Terms and Sky’s Competition Terms. If the Specific Competition Terms are inconsistent with these Terms and Sky’s Competition Terms, then the Specific Terms will prevail to the extent of any inconsistency.
  1. Opt out of Sky Rewards: If you don’t wish to participate in Sky Rewards, please let us know by emailing us at  and we will remove you from the list. You will then no longer receive communications about Sky Rewards and will not be eligible to receive Sky Rewards. If you change your mind and want to participate in the Sky Rewards Programme again, please let us know by emailing us at
  1. Changes:
    1. To ensure we can respond to the needs of our customers by continually improving Sky Rewards, we may make changes to these Terms at our discretion. We will give you notice of any changes that we deem to be material via the Sky Rewards website and/or direct communications with you. The current version of these Terms will be maintained on the Sky Rewards website. We recommend that you visit the Sky Rewards website from time to time to view any changes.  Redemption and continued use of Sky Rewards will be deemed acceptance of any changes to these Terms.
    2. We may also change, at any time and without prior notice, the rewards we offer, at our sole discretion.
    3. We may suspend your ability to claim a reward, without notice and for such period as we consider appropriate, if we consider on reasonable grounds, that Sky Rewards may have been collected by you or another member on your Sky account as a result of fraudulent behaviour.
  1. We may cancel or suspend: We reserve the right to suspend or terminate Sky Rewards for any reason. Where we decide to terminate Sky Rewards, we will give you reasonable notice via the Sky Rewards website and/or direct communication with you, to let you know how this will affect you.
  1. Events outside our control: If an event that is beyond our reasonable control (e.g. an earthquake, internet outage or satellite failure) stops us from providing the Sky Reward to you or otherwise performing our obligations to you, we will not be liable for that non-performance. However, we will:
    1. do our best to keep you informed about what has happened and how long we expect the event (and its impact) to last; and
    2. take reasonable steps to keep performing where we can.
  1. Definitions: In these terms:
    1. Sky, we, us means Sky Network Television Limited of 10 Panorama Road, Mt Wellington, Auckland; and
    2. you means the person that is the Sky account holder.

Specific Reward Terms

Channel Unlock Terms

  • If you choose this Sky Reward, the channel or package you choose to unlock must be one that you don’t currently subscribe to, e.g. You subscribe to Sky Starter but not Sky Entertainment so you may choose to unlock Sky Entertainment.

  • If at the time of allocation of the Sky Reward you have already subscribed to the channel or package you chose as a Sky Reward, then we will choose another Sky Reward for you.

  • The unlocked period will be specified in our email communications or via My Account.

  • The unlocked channel or package will be available on your Sky Box (including any of your multiroom boxes) and on Sky Go unless it is a channel which is not generally available on Sky Go.

My Sky Credit Terms

  • If you choose this Sky Reward, you are entitled to 2 months of My Sky and/or My Sky+ on us, based on what type of Sky Box you currently have. E.g. If you have My Sky on your Sky Box, you will receive a credit for 2 months of My Sky (valued at $15/month) on us. If you have My Sky+ on your Sky Box, you will receive a credit for 2 months of My Sky+ (valued at $20/month) on us. If you have both My Sky and My Sky+ you will receive a credit for 2 months on both boxes.

  • The My Sky and/or My Sky+ credit will be applied to the next Sky bill following the reward date specified in our email communication.

Sky Account Credit Terms

  • If you are allocated this Sky Reward, you are entitled to a one-off credit of $20 to your account.

  • The Sky Account credit will be applied to the next Sky bill following the reward date specified in our email communication.