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Inside August SKYWATCH:

  • Clash of the Islands – the classic North v South rugby match is back
  • Appointment Viewing – our programming calendar
  • Monthly Sport Highlights
  • Interviews with Taika Waititi, Christian Bale and Matt Damon, Lorraine Downes and more!
  • Classic Watch – Sunset Boulevard
  • My Watch with Morgana O’Reilly
  • Believe It Or Not Sports Quiz
  • Recipes

Editor’s Letter:

As we all know, the last few months have been an interesting time, to put it mildly! Skywatch has seen significant change, moving from a print magazine to a digital version. Theses global challenges, coupled with Sky’s commitment to being a sustainable and environmentally conscious business, have led us to the conclusion that the printed version of Skywatch will not be returning. This will also be the last digital issue of the magazine. 

We understand that many of you have found Skywatch to be a useful tool for navigating the vast array of programming we have on offer. Pages 60-65 of this issue guide you through all the ways you can discover what to watch via www.sky.co.nz, our TV Guide App and through your remote on the on-screen TV Guide.

Our friends at TV Guide magazine also run Sky listings for the week in each issue. 

We are always keen to hear what our customers think and are looking to explore other ways we can keep you informed about what’s on our channels. The easiest way to share your views is to join Sky Nation, our newly formed customer feedback community. If you would like to join our customer community, please complete a short sign up form here.

On behalf of the Skywatch team, I’d like to thank Stuff, our publishers, and our printers, Ovato, for all their hard work over the years. 

And, most importantly thank you to our readers – your support has been invaluable.

Take care.


Across: 1. Ought, 4. Breathing space, 11. Clash, 14. Skier, 15. Lap of luxury, 16. Imperial, 19. Belated, 20. Donor, 21. Tributary, 24. Establish, 26. Instep, 27. Gunner, 31. Cater, 32. Morphine, 34. Compulsion, 37. Rut, 39. Radiant, 40. Siesta, 41. United, 42. Ante, 43. Pilgrim, 46. Beforehand, 51. Ecstasy, 55. Urge, 56. Dahlia, 57. Puzzle, 58. Concord, 60. Woo, 62. Bottom line, 63. Sprinkle, 64. Livid, 67. Bunker, 68. Figure, 69. Powder keg, 74. Woebegone, 75. Fifty, 76. Retreat, 81. Question, 82. Trailblazer, 83. Moult, 84. Entry, 85. Grasp the nettle, 86. Stone. 

Down: 2. Upkeep, 3. Hyena, 5. Rear, 6. Amorous, 7. Hollow, 8. Next, 9. Surprise, 10. Enmity, 11. Cheerfully, 12. Avid, 13. Holster, 17. Recap, 18. Able-bodied, 22. Bloom, 23. Insignia, 25. Seeming, 26. Iterate, 28. Salami, 29. Fiasco, 30. Sphere, 33. Pride, 35. Needy, 36. Anti, 38. Tuba, 43. Plumb, 44. Lighting, 45. Measly, 46. Belongings, 47. Flaw, 48. Riposte, 49. Hazard, 50. Nylon, 52. Clot, 53. Tactile, 54. Sordid, 59. Noteworthy, 61. Slide, 65. Runner-up, 66. Cried, 67. Brusque, 70. Outcast, 71. Oblong, 72. Gibbon, 73. Gallon, 77. Roost, 78. Feat, 79. Fish, 80. Hell. 


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