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We entertain Kiwis!

We're on social media to talk about TV with you, and we want you to share your thoughts on all your favourite shows.

Please be respectful of others and avoid posting spoilers.


You can catch us online from 8.30am to 9pm weekdays and weekends.

While we may not always respond to your enquiry immediately, we'll do our best to get to it as soon as we can.




TV is awesome and we’re here to talk about TV and assist our customers wherever possible. We encourage open participation and conversation among you TV lovers but we ask that you don’t abuse our pages, or each other. We want people to feel safe and happy while interacting with our posts.

We reserve the right to moderate and remove any comments or posts that we consider to be:

  • Persistent trolling, abusive, bullying, or offensive towards the brand, our crew and other members of the public.
  • Comments we deem to be personal attacks or are a misrepresentation of our business and our crew.
  • Spam, contain offensive language or breach any industry codes of practice or guidelines.
  • Anonymous comments - We only accept comments from people who identify themselves.
  • Promotional comments - If a comment is solely promotional in nature, we will remove it from the site.
  • Any comments or posts to our page containing illegal streaming or download links.

Users who breach these community guidelines may find their ability to post on our page and posts restricted.

Keep yourself safe!

Our social media pages are public and everything you share on our posts can be seen by everyone else. For your protection any individual customer service issues or complaints that require account details or personal information will be handled in private or direct message.

That includes:

  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Physical addresses
  • And, any other Sky account details needed to locate your account.