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with SKY Starter, SKY Entertainment and SKY Sport and/or SKY Movies, all the great shows on SoHo are on us!

Mayans M.C.


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SoHo is an exciting channel featuring the very best in premium entertainment from around the world: from drama to comedy to current events, if it’s new and innovative you’ll find it on SoHo. Television is living its golden age. Incredible writers, legendary directors and A-List actors are working on productions for the small screen and SoHo is delighted to be screening their efforts, many for the first time on New Zealand television. SoHo gets the shows everyone is talking about into Kiwis’ living rooms express from the US and UK, offers opportunities to watch entire seasons in a weekend and catch up on entire series on exclusive POP-UP channels.

As New Zealand’s Home of HBO, SoHo features all new HBO dramas such as Game Of Thrones and Westworld, comedies such as Ballers and Insecure, exclusive films and mini-series, together with the best of programming from other like-minded networks from around the world. They all share a common thread - compelling and provocative storylines, superb script writing and direction and distinctive characters brought to life by the finest acting talent. And, best of all, screening the way they were meant to be seen - uncut and uninterrupted.

Not to mention if you subscribe to SKY Starter, SKY Entertainment and SKY Sport and/or SKY Movies you’ll get SoHo on us at no extra cost. If you downgrade your subscription so that you have SKY Starter package but no longer subscribe to both: (1) SKY Entertainment and (2) SKY Movies and/or SKY Sport, you will need to start paying for SoHo at $9.99 per month.


The First
American Horror Story: Apocalypse
Shameless S9
The Deuce S2
The City And The City
Strange Angel
Snowfall S2
Mayans M.C.
Ballers S4
Mystery Road
Fear The Walking Dead S4
Animals S3
Into The Badlands S3
The Affair S4
I'm Dying Up Here S2
Last Week Tonight With John Oliver S5
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