Ahoy there ocean lovers! The Great Barrier Reef is one of our planet’s most magical wonders and everyone, from kids to adults and even sea sponges, have a part to play in protecting it for generations to come.

Nickelodeon is on a mission to keep our Great Barrier Reef, and all reefs around the world, healthy, happy and thriving and we NEED YOUR HELP!
Sign up to become a Junior Citizen of the Reef today and learn SMALL actions you can do to help drive BIG change. Pledge to protect our reefs at nicknz.co.nz/reefsquad

Once you’ve pledged your support, fill out the entry form below for a chance to WIN a limited edition SpongeBob Reef Squad Citizenship Pack *Terms and Conditions Apply.

Prize Includes: 

Stainless steel customized gold reusable straw 

Reusable SpongeBob Yellow is the new Green bag 

Recycling reminder fridge magnet