A new channel for you, a life saving flight for him

Upgrade to one of our premium channels for only $5* for the first month and we’ll donate all of it to the Starship Foundation.

Every donation we get from you goes to help fund the Starship National Air Ambulance, so it’s ready to take off and save the lives of children like Ethan. SKY is a proud Five Star Sponsor of the Starship Foundation and a key supporter of the Starship National Air Ambulance and its crew.

Now you can be a supporter too.

Upgrade and donate now, and get your first month of our great premium channels for only $5* (choose from SKY Sport, Rugby Channel**, SKY Movies, SoHo, Rialto, SKY ARTS and Country TV).

OR CALL OUR SKY CREW ON 0800 759 759

Additional Terms and Conditions

  • *Conditions apply: Offer only available to SKY direct, domestic customers with the Basic Package.
  • **To upgrade to the Rugby Channel, you must be a SKY Sport customer.
  • Offer not available to customers who have terminated their premium channel subscription within 30 days of taking up this offer.
  • After the one month promotional period ends, standard charges will apply for each upgraded channel in addition to your monthly subscription.
  • Prices are correct as of 1st July 2017, are payable in advance and are subject to change. Offer ends 31st August 2017.

Starship Foundation Five Star Partner

For more than 15 years, SKY has been right behind the Starship Foundation as it raises much needed funds for our National Children’s Hospital. In 2015, we were honoured to become a Starship Foundation Five Star Partner.

Supporting Starship in the Sky

SKY is the key sponsor of Starship’s National Air Ambulance. With medical equipment and a specialist flight crew, this vital service is a hospital in the SKY that transports children from all over New Zealand and the Pacific Islands to receive life-saving care at Starship Hospital.