Option 1

A SKY box is included in your package, and allows you access to SKY Starter - 40+ channels of kids shows, music, action and more to enjoy

Your SKY box is high definition and SKY On Demand capable

Option 2

Pause, rewind and record live TV with MY SKY

Record 3 channels while watching another  

Series Link to your favourite shows

Option 3

The same great features as MY SKY but with up to 4 times more space to record all your favourite shows

Terms and Conditions

  • You need to sign up to the SKY Starter package.
  • The SKY Starter package costs $24.91 per month.
  • Monthly SKY subscription payable in advance.
  • This offer includes a SKY box. If you want the MY SKY service instead, then extra monthly charges apply for MY SKY at either $15 per month (MY SKY) or $20 per month (MY SKY+) on top of your subscription.
  • We assume you only need a standard domestic installation. If your installation is not standard, then a fee may be payable on installation. Depending on the set up of your TV and audio / visual system the number of connections may be limited without alternative equipment. Our installer will be able to advise you on some options, if required and additional charges may apply.  For more information on what a standard installation is, click here.
  • Applies to SKY direct customers and ends 31 December 2018.

The latest from SKY

Macgyver S3

New Zealand Premiere

Saturdays from 6 October 7.30pm Channel 005

Our resourceful rescuer MacGyver (Lucas Till) is back for season three, answering the call when the world needs saving, armed only with his trusty pocketknife and whatever he finds lying around!

Supernatural S14

NZ Broadcast Premiere

Fridays from 12 October 8.30pm Channel 005

The harrowing journey of the Winchester brothers continues as Supernatural enters its historic 14th season, express from the US on SKY 5.

The Loggers

Channel Premiere

Wendesdays from 10 October 8.30pm Channel 005

The Newtons have logging in their blood. Three generations have worked tirelessly in the bush, and now the Rotorua based family business, helmed by patriarch Willy Newton, is doing better than ever.

Mountain Men S5

New Zealand Premiere

Saturdays from 6 October 9.30pm Channel 005

Far away from civilisation, they use survival skills and sheer cunning to stay fed, clothed and alive.

Criminal Minds S9

Channel Premiere

Tuesdays from 16 October 9.30pm Channel 005

The way to a criminal is through his mind.

Trauma Rescue Squad

New Zealand Premiere

Mondays from 1 October 9.30pm Channel 005

With stunning aerial footage and compelling home-grown characters saving lives, this series gives viewers a front–line, gritty, view of medical traumas as life and death decisions are made.

The Magicians S3

New Zealand Premiere

Fridays 9.30pm Channel 005

Our intrepid team of Magicians now face a world without magic. In order to regain what has been lost, they must embark on a series of quests to find seven keys that will restore enchantment to all worlds.

Salvation S1

New Zealand Premiere

Fridays 8.30pm Channel 005

An asteroid is set to collide with earth in 186 days! Say your prayers.

DC'S Legends of Tomorrow S4

NZ Broadcast Premiere

Thursdays from 25 October 6.00pm Channel 005

After defeating the demon Mallus, the Legends are ready to ease off the gas for a brand new Season!