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Upgrade to SKY Sport & get your first 3 months for $15 per month*

*Conditions apply.

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Upgrade to SoHo & get your first 2 months for $5 per month*

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SKY Movies

Upgrade your Basic package to watch a great range of SKY Movies!

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SKY Sport

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High Definition

The HD access ticket allows you to view select SKY content and channels in brilliant high definition if you also subscribe to SKY's HD channels and have an HD TV.

*HD programming is available on the following SKY channels: SoHo, SKY Sport & SKY Movies. Not all programmes on these SKY channels are broadcast in HD. The HD access ticket is free with Multiroom.


With multiroom there is no more fighting over the remote! You can have another SKY box installed so the whole family can watch their favourite shows. Get multiroom installed for free and pay only $25 per month per SKY box. Each TV in your household will require its own SKY box.

Call the SKY Crew on 0800 759 759 to upgrade.