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Mondays from 8 January at 7.30pm

  • Viceland

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The Untitled Action Bronson Show

Mondays-Thursdays from December 4 at 10pm

  • Viceland

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VICE World
of Sports

Sundays 9pm

  • Viceland

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Channel 013

Born from VICE, a new TV channel for and by young people curious about life right now. VICELAND is here for music, food, art, sex, drugs, fashion, film, sports & technology.

Most Expensivest

Mondays from 8 January at 7.30pm Channel 013

Let hip-hop artist and cultural commentator, 2 Chainz, take you on a half-hour journey full of luxury. From Louis XIII cognac infused cigars to gold covered donuts, 2 Chainz "investigates" products, services, or most expensivest-only items, to answer a central question - is it really worth it?

Also Available On Demand

Hamilton's Pharmacopeia

Season 2

Thursdays from December 14 at 7.30pm Channel 013

Hamilton Morris is back for a second series! Join him once again on an incredible journey as he continues to investigate the history, chemistry and societal impacts of the world's most extraordinary drugs

Epicly Later'd

Wednesdays from December 13 at 7.30pm Channel 013

Back in the mid-2000s, a show called Epicly Later'd about skateboarders and their stunts premiered. Created by Patrick O'Dell, the series focused on the real lives of skateboarding legends, documenting the day-to-day lives and histories of the people who were most integral to the explosion in popularity skating was experiencing at the time.

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Most Expensivest
Hamilton's Pharmacopeia
Epicly Later'd
The Untitled Action Bronson Show
Desus & Mero
Party Legends
Bobby & Harriet Get Married
Noisey S2
Huang’s World
King of the Road
VICE Guide To Film
F*CK That’s Delicious
Black Market
VICE World of Sports
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