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My House

Mondays from 4 June at 7.30pm

  • Viceland

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Channel 013

Born from VICE, a new TV channel for and by young people curious about life right now. VICELAND is here for music, food, art, sex, drugs, fashion, film, sports & technology.

My House

Mondays from 4 June at 7.30pm Channel 013

More than 20 years after Paris Is Burning, Ballroom continues to usher in a new generation of legends, statements and stars. This is where your wildest dreams can come true, but to receive the validation, status and recognition you deserve: you must walk. Follow Tati, Precious, Jelani and Alex as they face personal challenges, compete, and strive to take their lives to unseen heights.

The Trixie and Katya Show

Mondays from 19 March at 7.55pm Channel 013

Drag icons Trixie and Katya examine life's most important issues, from love and sex, to fear and death, one topic at a time.

The Pizza Show

Season 2

Fridays from 11 May at 7.30pm Channel 013

Welcome back to The Pizza Show, a series that explores the wonderful world of pizza. Our host Frank Pinello - owner of Best Pizza in Williamsburg, Brooklyn - travels around the world eating great pizza and meeting even greater people. From Naples to the doughtown city of Detroit, and everywhere in between, join Frank as he continues on his serious pizza journey.

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