Special Offer

10% off your Sky TV subscription for the first 12 months
Terms & Conditions
  1. This offer is only available to VodafoneTV customers who transition to Sky and must be redeemed by 31 March 2023. 
  2. You will receive 10% off your Sky TV subscription pricing for a period of 12 months (Offer Period) provided that you continue to subscribe to Sky Starter throughout the Offer Period. 
  3. You may not be eligible for this offer if your Sky account is in arrears.
  4.  If you select a Sky Box, you’ll need to book a Sky technician to install or replace your satellite dish.
  5. We estimate Sky Boxes and Sky Pods will take up to 3 working days to arrive once shipped. We’ll let you know when your package is on its way.
  6. Your new subscription pricing and special offer will begin when you activate your new device by turning it on, logging into My Account with your username and password and following the setup instructions. We’ll also charge any associated one-off fees at this point.  
  7. You can cancel any time before activation. You will need to return your unused Sky Box or Sky Pod, and at your request we'll remove any satellite dish we've installed as part of your pre-order, at Sky’s cost.  
  8. We continue to own the Sky Box or Sky Pod and all other equipment we provide you, and you will need to return it to us if you cancel.  See our Consumer Terms for further details. 
  9. This special offer includes a 10% discount on Sky TV subscriptions for 12 months for Sky Starter and any of the following Sky packages: Sky Sport, Sky Entertainment, Sky Movies, SoHo, Rialto Channel, Sky Arts, Country TV, The Filipino Channel, Star Gold, Colors, Star Plus Hindi, Sky Digital Music, My Sky, My Sky+, Multiroom - Sky Box, Multiroom - My Sky, and Multiroom - My Sky+.
  10. After the Offer Period ends, the following standard charges will apply (as applicable): Sky Starter is $25.99/month, Sky Sport is $37.99/month, Sky Entertainment is $25.50/month, Sky Movies is $20.93/month, Soho is $9.99/month, Rialto Channel is $11.18/month, Sky Arts is $13.05/month, Country TV is $18.40/month, The Filipino Channel is $14.99/month, Star Gold is $9.99/month, Colors is $9.99/month, Star Plus Hindi is $9.99/month, Sky Digital Music is $3.16/month, My Sky is $15/month, My Sky+ is $20/month, Multiroom - Sky Box is $25/month, Multiroom - My Sky is $40/month, Multiroom - My Sky+ is $45/month.
  11. The 10% discount excludes one-off and monthly service fees associated with the new Sky Box or Sky Pod.
  12. This offer excludes any Sky Box Office and Sky Arena pay-per-view content.
  13. Should you wish to change your Sky package at any time you will need to call 0800 759 759 and speak to one of our friendly Sky crew.
  14. If your installation is not standard, then a fee may be payable. Where equipment requires professional installation, we will arrange for an installer to install the equipment at an additional charge.